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Protect Pennsylvan’s Public Cyber Charter Schools

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Empowering Pennsylvania’s Public Cyber Charter Schools

Thank you for your interest and support in protecting public school choice and families’ right to send their children to a public cyber charter school.

Students, parents, grandparents, families, teachers, and supporters are speaking up in support of public cyber charter students to ensure they are treated fairly, receive equal funding, and continue to have access to high-quality educational programs.

You are encouraged to contact state lawmakers to tell them that public cyber charter schools help students and play a critical role in public education and that families, as taxpayers, have a right to send their children to the public school that best serves them.

Families choose public cyber charter schools for a variety of reasons: safety, bullying, inadequate programs at their local public school, medical conditions, involvement in their child’s education, and flexibility.

Help protect public cyber charter schools by contacting state lawmakers today.

Contact Your Lawmakers

Contact Your Lawmakers

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